Mistakes were Made

by A Poem and a Mistake

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released January 29, 2017




A Poem and a Mistake UK

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Track Name: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Superman is a false idol
An opium for the masses
A white guy with an eighth Navajo blood
Lawful good
But abandons his culture for a new fad
This symbol means hope
Go fuck yourself
Save someone
Flood your neighbour's kitchen
Why do I support the iconoclastic cunt Lex Luthor, who knows more about Krypton than you
Why does Batman have a gun
Go fuck yourself
Go fuck yourself
Zack Snyder has never written a good film without concrete source material
Go fuck yourself
Go fuck yourslef
There's a city in the centre of London ruled by an oligarchy that controls the financial district
Go fuck yourself
Go fuck yourslef

Wonder Woman was cool
Track Name: Captain America: Civil War
Holy shit they learned how to make a film

Hey DC, conflict makes sense when you build it up over numerous films

And everyone's here
Iron Man
And Ant Man
And Cap Man
And Purple Man
And Bird Man
And Spider Man
And Other Bird Man
And Cat Man
And War Man ­


Where my girls at?
There’s redhead, brunette and blonde
But what about

But she’s dead

Fuck Marvel
Track Name: V for Vendetta
If you want V for Vendetta
Read the graphic novel

If you want Wachowski siblings
Watch the fucking Matrix

If you want to buy a Guy Fawkes mask licensed by Warner Brothers and pretend you're against consumerism
Congratulations you're very smart

And if you like Roger Allam
I mean that makes sense
Track Name: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
It's a cynical shot-for-shot remake of A New Hope, but it turns out I don't care.
Track Name: God's Not Dead
The christian propaganda
In God's Not Dead
Converted me
To satanism
Track Name: The Wizard of Oz
Watch The Wizard of Oz
Through nostalgia tinted glasses

Pay no attention to the black coffee and eighty cigarettes in the daily diet of sixteen year old Judy Garland
Pay no attention to the aluminium dust in the Tin Man's make up hospitalising Buddy Ebsen
Pay no attention to the asbestos in the fake snow
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Keep consuming
The greatest family film of all time
Remember the golden age of cinema

Those were the days
Track Name: Pride & Prejudice
As the fog rolls over
The dramatic mores of Hertfordshire
Lizzie, bonnet-less
Watches as Darcy heathcliffs towards her

"I can't afford to be romantic"
Bullshit, Charlotte
You'll say I do to anyone
Especially Lizzie

It falls into the clichés
Being parodied two hundred years ago

Oh, I'm sorry
I thought I was watching
Pride and Prejudice
Not Wuther-fuck-ing Heights

[So don't judge me, Lizzie - don't you dare judge me]

(I still love it tho.)
Track Name: Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein is written by
Hipster and consistently disappointing Max Landis
About J Mac grooming Dan Rad as his new gay lover

Saves him
Kills a man for him
Dresses him
Feeds him and homes him
Heals his psychological wounds
Heals his physical maladies
Forbids him to see women
Urges him to create an 8 foot, 4 lunged, 2 hearted baby with him

Like, he literally wants to create a baby with him
Like, together
Like, he wants to have cute undead babies with Dan Rad

Either I've completely misunderstood the homosexual agenda
Or James McAvoy has chemistry with literally everyone
Track Name: God's Not Dead (alt take)
The christian propaganda
In God's Not Dead
Converted me
To satanism
Track Name: Zootopia
Zootopia has many beasts
The largest of which is the many headed hydra of oppression
You will know the beast every day of your life
In the dirt
In the street
In your office

(I don't want to fuck a rabbit)

You will feel small and scared but you can tame the beast
Use it
Control it
Turn it on others

(I don't want to fuck a rabbit)

When you serve and protect, who is your master?
Is it your city?
Your boss?

(I don't want to fuck a rabbit)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Hands up, don't shoot
Stay woke
The revolution will not be televised

I dont want to fuck a rabbit
I dont want to fuck a rabbit
I dont want to fuck a rabbit

I want to fuck the fox
Track Name: Three to Tango
When we look back at artifacts of time past, we do not look at the spectacular to tell of life before, but of the everyday, the median, and mundane

By this logic three to tango is the single greatest film of the twentieth century

Let me summarise the plot
Boss meets girl, boy meets boss, boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl thinks boy is gay
The thing plays out with a tedious inevitability

A budget of 20 million
Took half that at the box office

It has an occulus rift
The swing revival was happening
We were untouchable
We built great big things

Hot chicks could make 3 noises at once
[3 noises at once]
Holy fuck

And it's fucking funny
Got Matthew Perry
Mistakably campy
They thought
We gon make dat Friends money

But ultimately despite its thin veneer of relaxed and honest acceptence
There's an awful lot of no fucking homo
We are fine with the homosexual as long as it is confined, repressed, and as long as you conform

And where
the fuck
are the lesbians?
Track Name: Bastille Day
Idris Elba est un policier imprévisible sur les bords
Qui auditionne pour James Bond
Et pour d'autres américains blancs
Et pour une française aux yeux de biche

C'est l'histoire d'un soufflé qui rencontre Die Hard
Comme les thèmes du fascisme et corruption
Supplément explosions
J'ai adoré, et toi aussi
Nique la police!
Track Name: Stranger Things - Topside
Let me tell you about Stranger Things, motherfuckers

We start topside, the beginning
Matched machinations of the DM pulling in both directions

Joyce Byers, who slowly disintegrates
While one son dies and leaves the other to drown

Madder than Midas, poor choice in men
Here's one now!

Mixed up and washed out, looks worse cleaned up
Lost a girl, we found a girl!

Bobby deserved better!
But watch these kids, man

They know what's good
Fucking 12 speed bikes bombing around

They're gonna find their friend
Without the grown ups

With their best friend in a wind breaker
Bloodied sleeve, and a stolen dress

Assuming, that is, that Mike and Lucas
Don't fucking kill each other over her

It's fine though
Dustbin's on the case

Oh and fuck Steve, man
Just fuck that guy

I know he had the thing at the end
But holy fuck
Track Name: Feel Bad #1 - Super Watermelon Island
Watermelon Death Cult

The two giant women were fighting
They were beating each other up
Then Jasper fell into the middle of the Earth
Now they've gotta drill to save the world

Oh shit!
Track Name: Feel Bad #2 - Gem Drill
Time runs out
We drill
We can only drill
And wait for the consequences

But oh no I guess
Cause Steven can hug anything
In the universe
And make it good
Make it good

And the green Dorito is happy
And I love her

(It's a really good episode.)
Track Name: Feel Bad #3 - Same Old World
The world is large, and
always changing, never still.
Fight no more; rest.
Track Name: Feel Bad #4 - Barn Mates
You're cute to think
That this life shattering
Spirit breaking event
Is something that can be disappeared
With a pool
A floatie
A card
But that's not how it works
That's not how it stands
You hurt me
I am hurt
I am quiet and broken
And it is you who did this to me

(Despite this rhetoric I still notice that Lapis looks like Lois from Family Guy.)
Track Name: Feel Bad #5 - Hit The Diamond
Oh yeah
It's all over

We drilled a hole
We killed a gem
We've finished this goddamn arc

And now we just wanna watch
Ruby and Sapphire
Play a podful of gems
At motherfucking baseball

Ah it's all over
Ah this is so dumb
I love it
Track Name: Stranger Things - Upside Down
variation is as beautiful as originality and between
king carpenter and the silence of the hills we
enter our upside down where the end ends the
board joyce byers is our emotionally
intelligent heroine when it
comes to this other
world smarter than
brenner more determined than
the boy wonder brigade doesn't hop look
about 'nam age nam age nam age to you number
one benny with a bullet connie the gorgon the
spores the necrotic flesh the acids the tumours we
are being digested we are being appraised we
are being watched like russkie commies in a
black room by a scared
little a-bomb with
adorable eyes don't
hide too long has no one ever
said when you stare sometimes the
abyss comes home with you
Track Name: Lady Satsuki - Sonnet
Hark and halt as light rains from above
Silence for the Click of mighty sacred heel
A pinnacle declaration to those undeserving of
Mere Pigs who need to be taught to kneel

May the alabaster skin be forever uncaring
And thy deep brow cement thy iron resolve
May the blue eyes match the sword flaring
And this petty god’s fabric around you, revolve

But thou art not just foul power criminal
Thou art Machiavelli’s chosen daughter
Thy plans and manipulations a villanelle
Leading thy butcher mother to the slaughter

Our lady of contradiction mighty roars
Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!